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PRESSON Circuit Modules, Inc. offers two types of circuit boards:


Each Freestanding Circuit Module is designed for the performance of several lab exercises involving a particular facet of industrial electronics, such as sensor signal conditioning or microcontroller implementation. The boards are designed specifically for student experimentation. The clearly identified test points, jumper positions, and trim pots allow students to follow the procedures outlined in the exercises, easily connecting test equipment and making the specified adjustments and measurements. Alternative methods of DC power connection allow the student to perform the exercises either at home at their own pace, or in a normal laboratory environment. Easily accessed input/output connectors allow the boards to be connected to external loads or to other circuit modules.

Each Press-On Circuit Module is designed for easy connection to a student's breadboard, via straight or right-angled pin headers.

They allow performance of experimentation easily and efficiently using devices and circuitry that otherwise could not be connected directly to a typical student breadboard. Like the Freestanding modules, these boards have easily accessed test points, jumper positions, and trim pots. The pin headers allow DC power and ground connection via the breadboard power bus. They also allow easy transfer of signals to and from the circuitry contained on the student's breadboard.

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