About PRESSON Circuit Modules, Inc.

Veteran-Owned and Operated for the Greater Good of Education

PRESSON Circuit Modules, Inc. is a new entrant electronics company, specializing in the design and fabrication of small integrated circuit boards specifically for electronics education. Several of the products press easily onto standard prototyping boards and can function as building blocks in a variety of circuit applications.

Their advantages are twofold: They allow users to build and test their projects quickly and reliably, while making just a few jumper wire connections. They also allow experimentation with communication and transducer circuitry that couldn’t be fabricated directly on a protoboard. These modules are designed specifically for education, with easy access to connectors and test points. They are ideal for both online training and the traditional lab classes.

There are theory lessons and laboratory exercises available for each module. Upon product purchase, these materials are accessible as free downloads.

Mission Statement

At PRESSON Circuit Modules, Inc., we create compact, high-quality, affordable circuit boards and supporting materials for electronics education. Our mission is to help prepare the workforce for successful careers in electronics technology as our nation strives to revitalize its industrial base.