Microcontroller Circuit Modules

C80F1F330GM Development Board

This 3.80" x 2.50" board serves as a development platform for the C8051F330GM microcontroller manufactured by Silicon Labs. This microcontroller is based on the legacy 8051 eight-bit core processor, but is rich in peripherals, including a variety of timers and and a high-resolution current-sourcing digital-to-analog converter (DAC). The board contains op amp current-to-voltage conversion circuitry especially designed to convert the output of the current DAC to both a positive and negative going voltage. The board also contains a four-channel transistor buffer network that allows the board to drive higher-voltage, higher power loads such as stepper motors. The board is especially designed for student experimentation, with easily accessible test points and jumper locations. The processor module is easily programmed from the user's PC, via the C2 interface, using the Silicon Labs DEBUGADPTR1-USB Debug Adapter (not included). Once programmed, the small C8051F330GM Module can be removed from the board and pressed into the student's prototyping board.

There are several detailed theory lessons and laboratory exercises designed specifically for this board, allowing it to become the focus of an entire course on eight-bit industrial microcontroller programming and applications! Students will be given a thorough introduction to assembly language programming, as they learn to exercise the various functions of the processor core and its peripherals. They will then have opportunity to program the device in C language.

NOTE: Programming of the C851F330GM Development Board requires purchase of the Silicon Labs DEBUGADPTR1-USB Debug Adapter. This product can be obtained from Mouser Electronics (stock number 634-DEBUGADPTR1-USB). Click the button below to link to Mouser to view this product.

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