Reflective Photosensor Circuit Module Kit

This kit is the unassembled version of the Reflective Photosensor Circuit Module Kit. It contains the unpopulated 1.6″ by 1.2″ board and all of the individual components that comprise the sensor circuitry. Assembly of this kit provides the entry level electronics student with excellent experience in soldering many of the active and passive electronic component through-hole packages, including the familiar DIP-8, TO-92, T-1 (3mm) LED, and 0.125-watt resistor. For the more advanced student, purchase of this kit would be an economic alternative to purchasing the assembled module.

Upon purchase of the kit, students can download the detailed assembly instructions which includes brief explanations of the function of each of the components within the sensing system. There is a short laboratory exercise designed specifically to demonstrate the operation and possible applications of this board.

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