Wireless Circuit Modules

Simple 315 MHZ Transmitter Module

This compact 2.85" x 1.5" transmitter board features the TXM-315-LR transmitter module manufactured by Linx Technologies. The board also features a 50ohm RPSMA right-angle antenna jack, allowing connection to a 1/4 wave 315MHz antenna. (The Linx ANT-315-CW-RH reduced-height whip antenna is included with the module.) Two 4-position pin headers, mounted on the reverse side of each module, allow the board to press easily onto a section of a solderless breadboard (with 0.1" grid spacing). The board contains a +3.3VDC LDO voltage regulator, allowing the user to connect the board directly to the power bus of the breadboard (up to +24VDC.) The board also contains a tunable 4KHz oscillator that can function as the modulated signal. The complementary SIMPLE 315MHZ RECEIVER MODULE contains a 4KHz piezo transducer that can receive the demodulated 4KHz signal. Thus, the 4KHz beacon signal becomes a valuable tool for range checking, or it can function as a simple audio alert. Transistor input switching allows the board to accept a modulated signal from an external source (from 0V up to +12V peak).


Simple 315 MHZ Receiver Module

This compact 2.85" x 1.4" receiver board features the RXM-315-LR receiver module manufactured by Linx Technologies. The board also contains a Linx ANT-315-SP SMD (Splatch) antenna. This receiver board is designed to operate in conjuntion with the SIMPLE 315MHZ TRANSMITTER MODULE (as described above). Like the transmitter board, it has two 4-position pin headers, mounted on the reverse side for protoboard mounting and also contains a +3.3VDC LDO voltage regulator for operation with higher bus voltages. In addition to the 4KHz audio transducer, this board also contains a 3mm yellow LED, which serves as an indicator of received signal strength. Transistor output switching allows the board to output a demodulated signal with a peak amplitude equal to that of the power bus voltage.

There are detailed theory lessons and laboratory exercises designed specifically for this simplex transmitter/receiver pair of boards. Students will receive a thorough introduction to the components contained on the two boards and the modulation techniques typically associated with ISM wireless communication. During performance of the lab exercises, they will use the board pair in conjunction with other circuitry as they investigate wireless communication techniques from simple ON/OFF switching through asynchronous data communication involving the C8051F330GM MICROCONTROLLER DEVELOPMENT BOARD.


Purchase as a pair: $89.95